Call me a princess and I’ll be a punk.
The day you visit Utopia you’ll find me in a garden, as a multicolored entity.
I’ll be stirring and turning the dimensions of moving image.
I’ll be expressing the still motion and emotion of the void’s infinite manifestation.

Call me, if you like the rawness of life.
Call me, if you like costumes.
Call me, if you believe in miracles.
Call me a punk princess poem witch shaman.
Call me rainbowwarrior.




I work as a film director and video artist.

Studied film direction at Escola Superior de Cinema i Audivisuals and Centre d’Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya in Barcelona. Studied Philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin.





Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna AT

Museumsquartier, Vienna AT

L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, Barcelona ES

donaufestival, Krems AT

Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz AT

sound:frame, Vienna AT

CTM festival for adventurous music, CTM Vorspiel, Berlin DE

Boddinale Berlin Independent Film Festival, Berlin DE

Festival Visual Brazil, Barcelona ES

Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz AT (group show)

Galeria Mutuo, Barcelona ES (solo show)

Alte Saline Hallein, Schmiede, Hallein AT (group show)