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Multimedia Performance ▪︎ 2022

No Travel Agency is an interactive cyber teleportation performance by Simon Weckert and Gloria Gammer, developed in the frame of GO2025 European Capital of Culture in Nova Gorica-Gorizia.

In a teleportation journey that does not strain the body or leave remarkable carbon emissions a travel group travels to „the place like no place on earth“. On the way to this special place, the travel group virtually meets several people from the place like no place on earth. They give them hints about how the society is structured, what the place looks like. Finally the travel group reaches their destination, the place like no place on earth, Null Island, where the equator meets the prime meridian of the earth. It is a spot in the ocean on the west side of Africa, not too far from Lagos, Nigeria.

The group enters a place that only exists temporarily for the present people and does not exist without us humans. It is a place formed by cultural narratives, and also by every participant. This interactive performance is an experiment in knowledge production about technology and the nature of location.



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