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Mixed Media Installation ▪︎ 2023

"I move,

therefore I am alive."

claims the creature named Animated Kelp 1 (Yellow Fish Rezzer).

The mixed media installation "THE OTHER" follows the narrative established in the works THE THING, I CAN MOVE THE SUN and WHEN THE WORLD COMES TO AN END, I WILL HAVE LOVED YOU. It was exhibited together with the works from this narrative in the solo exhibition ALONE OUT THERE.

The other follows the questions of the possibility of accurate representation of the material world in a Digital World and further explores our connection with the natural world. THE OTHER consists of a projected video, prints on hanging fabric,  print on PVC and mirror foil. It creates an association of an underwater world, that hosts a kelp, light and shadow, and a submarine fibre optic cable. THE OTHER challenges viewers to contemplate their empathy for non-human entities.

Part of the solo exhibition ALONE OUT THERE at Risim Gallery/ Nadezda Petrovic Gallery Čačak, Serbia

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